Independent Design was founded in 2009, is a signage provider company that specializes in ful­lling major indoor and outdoor visual display needs. Our products including large format printing, die-cut vinyl sticker & frosted ­lm, all type of signage & signboard, etc. As an one-stop service advertising company, we offers a complete service from solution providing to production until installation, in order to serve our customer in a more comprehensive manner. Over the past few years, we strives to provide the best service to our customers by giving reliable commitment and solutions, establishing good relationship with customer, providing courteous service and respond promptly to customer's requests and inquiries. We understand and believe that gaining customer trust is highly important for sustainable development. Nowadays, we have gained recognition as a reputable signboard provider in signage and display industry. In the following years, we will continue to enhance the quality of goods and services in order to serve our customer better by improving in communication skill, implementing strict supervision during production and installation.

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